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Adriana Volpe, Andrea Iannone, Paola Barale, Loredana Lecciso, Luana Ravegnini, Claudio Lippi, Monica BertiniIlenia ArnolfoGianluca Saragò and Piergiorgio Pirrone are just some of the stars and talents of television and entertainment, sportsmen, authors, directors, photographers and journalists, who chose to rely on LaPresse’s consulting for their image, management and press office.

Paola Barale

TV host, actress, showgirl

Claudio Lippi

TV & RADIO host, author, singer

Mauro Perfetti


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Ilenia Arnolfo

Journalist, TV & Radio host, model, actress

Monica Bertini

Journalist, TV host

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Coppa Italia (Canale 5 - Italia 1)
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Matteo Rasero

Born in Rome in 1985, I grew up in the […]

Andrea Ciccalè

He was born in Fermo on 3 July 1977. From […]

Federico Guberti

Born in a family of photographers, this passion was handed […]

Damiano Guberti

Born in Rome in 1985, I had my professional growth […]

Gianluca Saragò

Between me and myself, there is a person I don’t know … I hope it’s not me.

Julian Hargreaves

Italian-English photographer. His work ranges from celebrity portraits, fashion shots and artistic projects.

Piergiorgio Pirrone

Photographer winner in 2017 of the prestigious Fiuggi award and in 2019 of the “Coccia” award, official recognition of the 76th edition of the Venice Film Festival.


Legal Assistance: the company offers specialized legal services dedicated to its artists to support their professional activity at any time of the same, from the negotiation to the signing of the contract and subsequently, to guarantee the correct execution of the agreements”.

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